48665 12 Painted Meadow Teal 27" End-of-Bolt Piece

By Robin Pickens for Moda - Teal Quilting Fabric End-of-Bolt Piece

Can you imagine a meadow with hearty, deeply colorful blooms like the red and pink sunset colors across the sky? This is what I thought of while I visited my mother last summer and we walked through the gardens. The coneflowers were in full bloom in the warm sun, their plump centers drawing in the bees and butterflies. The beautiful shape of the coneflower inspired this collection and I couldn't resist adding in those bumblebees - so plump and fuzzy, just like the flower centers! The fabric group also includes little drawings that show the coneflowers and bees in sweet illustrations or dancing within paisley shapes. Watercolor tectures, sprigs of plants and sketchy oval dots complement the lively group.

NOTE: this listing is for a single 27-inch (3/4-yard) end-of-bolt piece of 100% cotton quilting fabric, approximately 44.0 wide.