31532-16 Hope's Journey California Gold 31" End-of-Bolt Piece

By Betsy Chutchian for Moda - California Gold Quilting Fabric End-of-Bolt Piece

Inspired by an antique Wild Goose Chase quilt in my collection, the fabrics date from the early 1800s to around 1850. The colorful blocks are framed by wide cheddar sashing that immediately called to mind the Gold Rush era of the late 1840s, with all the hopes, dreams, and hard work the lure of riches encompassed. Building on that one aspect of our history, Hope is the name of every woman who ventured forth, leaving her home for a dream of a better life. Whether she went alone, followed a husband, or a father, Hope’s Journey comes alive to celebrate the pioneer spirit of those women. With adventure, courage, and perseverance, these women faced every challenge on their journey to the unknown.

NOTE: this listing is for a single 31-inch end-of-bolt piece of 100% cotton quilting fabric, approximately 44.0 wide.