20420HB Pumpkins and Blossoms Honey Bun

By Fig Tree & Co for Moda - 20420HB

Wandering through a pumpkin patch and hiding in a corn maze are among my favorite childhood memories. It�s something I�ve shared with my children, when they were young, and when I can still get them to go with me. I love everything about the adventure of all those pumpkins still on the vine with huge leaves hiding the littlest ones. Pumpkins & Blossoms is my vision of a perfect autumn day, walking through a �not quite ready yet� field of pumpkins. In my mind�s eye, the pumpkins mix with bright green leaves and light green tendrils. The pumpkin blossoms vine their way up trellises, a bit like they do in Jack and the Beanstalk. It�s a fairytale made real with a mix of cream, orange, green and gray� my most magical pumpkin afternoon!

This Honey Bun contains 40 1-1/2" x 44" fabric strips in 100% top quality quilt cottons professionally cut and packaged for Moda fabrics.